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Universal Tankers offers a broad spectrum of waste management services tailored to meet the needs of various commercial sectors. We specialise in the disposal of non-hazardous waste such as sewage and effluent, fat and grease waste, sludge and food processing waste.


Additionally, we provide essential services such as the transportation and delivery of non-potable water and the servicing of on-site welfare facilities. Our experience extends to serving high-profile clients in food manufacturing, hospitality, construction, and more, making us a preferred partner in commercial waste management.

We can help your business to maintain compliance with the UK's environmental regulations with our meticulous approach to our operations. We will ensure your wastewater is collected and disposed of without breaching any legal or regulatory obligations, and can advise you on the necessary paperwork involved.

Choosing Universal Tankers means opting for a reliable, experienced, and compliant partner who understands the complexities of commercial waste management. Contact us today on 0800 180 4474 (England and Wales) or 01236 444322 (Scotland) to learn more about how we can serve your business, or to get a free quote from our expert team. Alternatively, fill out an online contact form and we will be in touch at a time that is suitable for you.

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Commercial Waste Disposal

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What is Commercial Waste?

If your septic tank, treatment plant, cess pit or pump station collects and treats waste for a business, your waste is commercial. This waste must be collected and disposed of in accordance with UK law. Failure to do so can leave businesses liable for severe legal repercussions. That is why it is so important to work with a tried and trusted liquid waste disposal specialist such as Universal Tankers.

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Why Choose Universal Tankers for Commercial Liquid Waste Disposal?

At Universal Tankers, we pride ourselves on our reputation as a leading provider of commercial waste disposal solutions. With over 25 years of experience in the waste management industry, our family-owned business has been dedicated to delivering professional, client-focused services across the UK. From our headquarters in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, we operate from 18 strategically placed depots that ensure comprehensive coverage and local expertise across England and Scotland.

Adhering to the highest standards of health and safety is at the core of commercial waste collection. Universal Tankers complies with stringent environmental regulations and maintains certifications with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), Achilles, Safe Contractor, and Construction Line. These accreditations reflect our commitment to safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to minimising disruption on your premises while maximising efficiency.

Sewage Waste Disposal

Sewage Waste Disposal

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  • Commercial property

  • Visitor centres

  • Caravan and holiday parks

  • Hotel and hospitality industry

  • Attractions and theme parks

  • Hospitals

  • Property management

  • Rural businesses

  • Tourism hotspots

  • Sporting venues


Our services are crafted to meet the unique waste management needs of these high-demand environments, and ensure that all waste is handled efficiently and responsibly.

Scheduled emptying services: to prevent overflows and maintain system efficiency, we recommend regular maintenance checks. We offer scheduled service plans that could be crucial for the longevity and reliability of your sewage systems. These regular checks help to identify potential problems early, save costs and avoid disruptions in your operations.

Environmental compliance: our services can keep your business in line with all health and environmental regulations. Regular maintenance helps to avoid fines and legal issues, and ultimately contributes to a sustainable operational model.

At Universal Tankers, our fleet of modern tankers is operated by fully trained specialists and equipped to handle all types of commercial sewage disposal demands. We use the latest in waste management technology to provide services that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.

We offer flexible scheduling options to fit the unique demands of your business, from one-off emergency disposals to regular pre-scheduled maintenance visits. Our goal is to provide a service plan that best suits your operational requirements and budget.

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Welfare Accommodation Waste Disposal

Welfare and portable accommodation units such as toilets, showers and sleeper cabins are essential in construction sites, outdoor events, and temporary work areas. Proper waste management in providing these facilities is critical for hygiene, comfort, and environmental compliance. Our tankers are designed to be able to access welfare units even in the most rural parts of the country.

  • Types of waste handled: welfare and portable accommodation units produce a variety of wastes, including sewage, grey water, and other effluents typical of high-occupancy temporary settings. Managing this waste efficiently is crucial to maintain the usability and sanitation of these facilities.

  • Specialised equipment: to meet the demands of different sites, especially those with challenging or restricted access, Universal Tankers utilises specialised equipment and vehicles. Our fleet is designed to operate effectively in diverse environments, and to handle all waste appropriately, with minimal disruption.

  • Compliance with regulations: our services are fully compliant with the latest health and safety regulations, meaning that our waste disposal practices meet stringent standards and contribute to a safe environment for both the users of the portable units and the broader community.

  • Regular maintenance and sanitation: regular and thorough waste removal and cleaning are essential for maintaining the high standards of hygiene required in temporary accommodations. Universal Tankers offers scheduled maintenance services that are crucial for the long-term functionality and comfort of these units.

  • Flexible service options: understanding that each project or event has unique needs, we offer flexible service plans that include emergency call-outs, and one-off and regular scheduled services. These plans are tailored to fit the project size, duration, and specific requirements.

Opt for Universal Tankers for dependable, eco-conscious, and tailored waste disposal solutions that keep your temporary accommodations clean and compliant

Welfare Accomodation

On Site

Health and safety is our main priority in all of our waste disposal operations. We work in close partnership with all our customers to ensure we adhere to the highest level of health and safety at all times.

We understand that building sites present a fast-paced environment that changes constantly. Our operators are highly trained to ensure we minimise any disruption to daily site traffic.


We are experienced at working in isolated areas on sites, meaning we can stay out of the way of ongoing work and complete the job easily and efficiently with minimal disruption.

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FOG Waste | food waste | specialist

Food Waste

FOG and Food Waste Collection

Fats, oils, and greases (often referred to as FOG) are universal problem substances in wastewater. Most FOG is not soluble; meaning it does not mix well with water. Due to this, FOG floats on water and clings to surface areas void of water. This non-hazardous specialist ​waste comes from processing effluents and is a common by-product of the food manufacturing, hospitality and food & beverage industries.

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We offer regular emptying and disposal of these waste effluents in a safe, responsible and complete service to ensure your production lines, restaurants, hotels and businesses can continue to perform at their highest level.

Working with well known brands throughout the UK we have positioned ourselves as an industry leader for the removal and disposal of non-hazardous liquid waste. Universal Tankers has worked with leaders to tackle the following types of waste:

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  • Food manufacturing by-products

  • catering & hospitality Waste

  • Beverage & Brewery Processing Effluents

  • Retailer Food Waste effluents

  • meat processing waste

Get In Touch

To get a free quote from our experts, contact Universal Tankers’ commercial waste collection team today. Simply call us on 0800 180 4474 for our depots in England or 01236 444322 for our depots on Scotland, or fill out our contact form and we will call you back.

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