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Welfare accommodation 

FOG waste, liquid food waste & specialist waste

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Waste Water Solutions for your business

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At Universal Tanker Solutions Ltd we have built up a credible reputation as one of the industries leading providers of waste water disposal and non potable water solutions.


Working with the UK's biggest names in portable accommodation, hospitality and food production offering a trusted, reliable and effective service nationwide.


We specialise in the disposal of non hazardous liquid waste such as sewage and effluent, fat and grease waste, sludge and food processing waste.

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Sewage Waste Disposal

is my waste commercial?

If your septic tank, treatment plant, cess pit or pump station collect and treat waste for a business or the general public, then yes your waste is commercial. Here are a few examples of the types of businesses we work with...

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  • commercial property

  • visitor centres

  • caravan & holiday parks

  • hotel & hospitality industry

  • attractions & theme parks

  • hospitals

  • property management

  • rural businesses

  • tourism hotspots

  • sporting venues

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Welfare accommodation

Regular Servicing for...

...and more

waste tanks

portable toilets

welfare cabins

Welfare Accomodation

On Site

Health and safety is our main priority - we work in close partnership with all our customers to ensure the highest level of health and safety is adhered to at all times. 

We understand building sites offer a fast paced environment that changes constantly. Our operators are highly trained to ensure we minimise any disruption to daily site traffic.


Usually we work within isolated areas on sites meaning we are out of the way and can complete the job easily and efficiently with minimal disruption.

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FOG Waste | food waste | specialist

Food Waste

What is FOG waste?

Fats, oils, and grease (often referred to as FOG) are universal problem substances in wastewater. Most FOG is not soluble; meaning it does not mix well with water. Due to this, FOG floats on water and clings to surface areas void of water.

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Waste types

Food waste, FOG waste and non hazardous specialist waste from processing effluents are common by-products of the food manufacturing, hospitality and food & beverage industry.

We offer regular emptying and disposal of these waste effluents in a safe, responsible and complete service to ensure your production lines, restaurants, hotels and businesses can continue to perform at their 
highest level.

Working with well known brands throughout the UK we have positioned ourselves as an industry leader for the removal and disposal of non-hazardous liquid waste.

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  • Food manufacturing by-products

  • catering & hospitality Waste

  • Beverage & Brewery Processing Effluents

  • Retailer Food Waste effluents

  • meat processing waste

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