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Fresh non potable water delivery

Non potable water is the ideal solution in situations where access to a water supply is unavailable. For example, temporary works such as construction sites may need toilet flushing facilities or the cleaning of hired equipment that is due for collection.

With a range of modern vehicles we can deliver fresh water in any volume; from small 1,000 litre bowser refills up to 18,000 litres for pump pit or soak away testing.


We can also provide water bowsers and

on-demand pumps to assist with your welfare needs.

We can maintain a constant supply of non-potable water to enable your operation to continue to function without interruption by offering customers a reliable refilling service.


All our fresh water deliveries are supplied using clean hoses and fittings, suitable for construction sites, all carried out by trained operatives.

Welfare units provide water for flushing toilets and hot running water for washing. This produces many litres of waste water that needs regular removal and disposal. We provide welfare unit servicing in a safe and regulated way, mindful of busy site traffic and machinery.

Many welfare units are positioned in isolated locations and our operators are trained to access and service these units with minimal disruption to site activities. We have purpose built vehicles to service your welfare unit in the same visit.


welfare unit servicing

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Do you need water filled barriers? We provide bulk water to fill water barriers. You may not have noticed them at the side of the road, but water barriers are life savers.


A robust plastic shell, when filled with water, becomes a barrier which will absorb the impact from vehicles, thus protecting those working inside the barrier perimeter.

How much does a water barrier weigh?

An empty barrier will typically weigh 35kg and 350kg when filled, so it provides a significant barrier against collisions.

Additionally, the red and white water filled barriers can be used to channel traffic into lanes.

Please note: our service is a filling service, we don’t provide the barriers themselves.

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