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a monster tanker

Here at Universal Tankers we have created a 'Monster Tanker', built specifically to go where no other tanker can go. In many rural locations throughout the UK it is often impossible for our more common tankers to access your septic tanks and more. For years we have relied upon tractors to collect the waste and deliver it to roadside tanker unit. However with new guidelines it is no longer possible to move waste without the correct equipment and licenses in place. Our custom built Unimog "The Univore" is the answer to the problem!

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Customers say

S E E   W H A T   O U R



I would like to take this opportunity to praise your staff.

They are very personable, with excellent customer service skills. They exceeded my expectations most of the time, I can't praise them enough, even if we do have an issue they do all their very best to sort it as amicably as possible. I am always informed of any issues the same day and usually given the solution, which is perfect for me as i do not need to get involved.


I am firm believer of giving praise where praise is due.

bowmers and kirkland


We find them very helpful and reliable as well as being competitive with the best equipment for the job. We hop to continue using them on our sites for the foreseeable future, as nothing is too much trouble and hassle-free. 

Would highly recommend!


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