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a monster tanker

Here at Universal Tankers we have created a 'Monster Tanker', built specifically to go where no other tanker can go.


In many rural locations throughout the UK, it is often difficult (sometimes impossible) for regular tankers to access septic tanks.


For years we have relied upon tractors to collect the waste and deliver it to roadside tanker unit. However with new guidelines it is no longer possible to move waste without the correct equipment and licenses in place.


Our custom built Unimog "The Univore" is the answer to the problem!

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spotted the beast?
let us know! use #univore

If you spot the beast out on a road or field near you, we want you to take your best photos or videos (if it is safe to do so) and share them using #univore 

We will be sending out merchandise to those that really catch our eye!

Watch in action

The Univore Logo.png
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