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Waste Water Services in Scotland

Universal Tankers is dedicated to managing a wide array of wastewater needs. We specialise in servicing septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, and pump stations, among many other services tailored to support Scotland’s environmental and regulatory standards. With the opening of our new depots in Perth, Nairn, Aberdeen, and Coatbridge, we are poised to meet the diverse needs of Scottish homes and businesses with reliability and professionalism.

Our strategically located depots across Scotland ensure that no matter where you are, our high-quality wastewater services are just a call away. Our teams are equipped and ready to provide swift and efficient service.

For more information on how we can serve you, please continue to the services section below, or contact us today by calling us on 01236 43442 or by filling out our contact form.


Why Choose Universal Tankers for Wastewater Management Solutions

With over 25 years of experience in the waste management industry, Universal Tankers is a trusted name in Scotland, England and Wales. Our depots are conveniently located to deliver services no matter where you are based. Our responsiveness allows us to offer personalised services tailored to the unique needs of Scottish communities and businesses, from scheduled visits to emergency call-outs.

We are committed to delivering high-quality wastewater management solutions that comply with the latest environmental and health and safety regulations. In this way, we ensure that our operations contribute positively to your business’ operations and sustainability ambitions. We continually invest in the latest technology and equipment to improve our services. Our innovative solutions make wastewater management more efficient, safe, and cost-effective for our clients, and our tankers can reach you no matter how remote your home or business site is.

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our industry accreditations, including FORS, Achilles, Safe Contractor, and Construction Line Gold. These partnerships and our recognition by industry bodies speak to our high operational standards and the trust we have built in the industry.

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Our Wastewater Management Services in Scotland

We provide a range of specialised services designed to meet the diverse needs of our Scottish customers, including everything from residential homes to commercial enterprises.

Supplying Non Potable Water: Essential for construction sites, agricultural operations, and industrial uses, our non potable water supply service ensures that you have access to large quantities of water whenever and wherever you need it. We deliver high-quality non potable water that is perfect for any non-drinking related use, in whatever quantities you need to carry out your operations smoothly and efficiently.

Septic Tank Emptying: Regular maintenance of septic tanks is crucial for preventing environmental contamination and maximising the longevity of your sewage system. Our septic tank emptying service in Scotland is performed by experienced professionals who can ensure that your septic system is functioning properly and remains compliant with health regulations.


Welfare Unit Servicing: We provide comprehensive servicing of welfare units, which are crucial for maintaining hygiene and comfort on remote sites, including construction projects and event locations. Our services ensure that these units are clean, fully stocked, and in perfect working order to support the wellbeing of everyone on site.


Leachate Collection: Handling leachate effectively is essential to prevent pollution and protect water resources. Our leachate collection services involve safely collecting and treating leachate from landfill sites and other locations, using state-of-the-art technology to minimise environmental impact.

Grease Trap Emptying: Our grease trap emptying services are essential for restaurants, caterers, and other food service establishments to prevent their operations causing blockages or sanitary sewer overflows. We also provide these services for residential properties that rely on grease traps. Regular cleaning and maintenance of grease traps help to keep your business running smoothly and compliant with local regulations.

Each of these services is designed to provide peace of mind and operational excellence to our customers. Our approach reflects our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship in Scotland. Whether you need reliable water supply or specialised waste management, Universal Tankers is here to serve you with professionalism and expertise.

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