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FORS accreditation

Fors Scheme
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multi depot
fors member

Your safety is our priority!


All of our drivers are given extensive training to ensure they maintain the highest level of care whilst on the road and on site.

We are a multi depot FORS member, accredited to both Bronze and Silver standards with Gold on the way. 

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We are FORS compliant, to adhere to strict regulations and employ ethical practice when operating our fleet in major towns and cities such as London, Birmingham, St Helens and Liverpool.

FORS is the acronym for “Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme”. It is an accreditation which has to be earned rather like an ISO accreditation.

It is aimed at both documenting and practicing diligent and safe fleet operation, by the employment of equipment and training of operators. The purpose is to clarify many aspects of their areas of prime responsibility.

Our drivers, for example, receive training out of the cab to improve their awareness. Putting the driver in the shoes of a potentially vulnerable road user such as a cyclist.


The level of electronic safety equipment varies from level to level. At silver level, there is a minimum of four exterior cameras on board. There is also an automatic blind spot sensing system.


Hi-visibility LED signage is used to raise awareness among road users outside the vehicle of potential dangers.         

Cloccs Champions

we are clocs champions


The CLOCS Standard is the direct result of collaboration between the construction and fleet sectors to address shared issues.


It draws together evolving and applied best practice from a number of standards, policies and codes of practice to provide one industry standard that can be implemented by regulators, clients, principal contractors and fleet operators.

We are proud to say that we are CLOCS champions, this means we have actively committed ourselves to promoting and implementing the national CLOCS Standard.
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Because Insight 
beats hindsight

                 Less likely to have an                           accident at work.


As Achilles qualified members, we demonstrate that we are focused on reducing risk and increasing compliance.

It is essential to provide a safe working environment for all of our staff and customers. We are regularly audited by Achilles to ensure we are doing all we can to reduce risk within our work. 


Achilles UVDB Qualified.png

As a Construction Line Gold Member we are able to demonstrate to our customers that we are driven to meet British business standards as well as investing in our own self belief that we are a company with great values, high standards and a focus on building long lasting relationships.

going for gold

Construction Line

iso registered

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ISO is an International Organization for Standardization, a standard we use for our management system that follows the guidelines of Plan, Do, Check, Act.


This ensures that the management team regularly monitor our performance in the following areas and allow us to improve on them consistently:

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality

ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental

ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Health and Safety

In turn this will:

  • Build customer confidence that our service is safe and reliable

  • Meet regulation requirements, at a lower cost

  • Reduce costs across all aspects of your business

  • Gain market access across the world

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