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Leachate is water that has extracted solids or solubles in the process of passing through matter. It is typically found in landfills, as water filters through the ground and decaying waste before it filters out into a reservoir or lagoon. This water needs to be captured before it enters the next stage of filtration and flows back into a water source or body of water. Failing to do so risks harm to the environment and, importantly for organisations, legal repercussions in line with environmental regulations.

Universal Tankers can help you by collecting your leachate and disposing of it through legally compliant means. Our leachate collection system is efficient and perfect for municipal solid waste landfills and any other organisations that produce waste material and wastewater as a result of their operations.

Contact our team today to learn more about our leachate collection services. Call us on 0800 180 4474 for our service in England and Wales or on 01236 444322 for our service in Scotland and we will help you to meet your business’s legal requirements.

Why Choose Universal Tankers for Leachate Collection Services

With over 25 years of experience, we at Universal Tankers have honed our expertise across various wastewater collection, disposal and management services and made ourselves the go-to professionals for many businesses in the UK. As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves on our professional values and strong client relationships. Whether you are dealing with hazardous leachate or seeking routine collection services, our team is equipped to provide personalised and effective solutions, and we want to hear about your needs so we can help you manage your waste responsibly and efficiently.

Operating from 19 strategically located depots throughout England and Scotland - including major hubs like Gateshead, Milton Keynes, and Aberdeen - we provide prompt and efficient leachate collection services. Our extensive network allows us to offer comprehensive leachate solutions, regardless of your business's location in England, Scotland or Wales.

At Universal Tankers, we make use of the best leachate collection systems, and our operators are experts in solid waste and food waste leachate management. Our ongoing investment in new technology and equipment allows us to tackle even the most challenging leachate collection and treatment scenarios with ease. Our tankers can handle large volumes of water and waste materials, and can reach even the most rural and isolated parts of the country.

Compliance with environmental standards is not just a requirement but a commitment for us. Among other accreditations, Universal Tankers is proud to hold the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) accreditation, which underscores our dedication to safety, efficiency, and environmental consciousness in all aspects of our operations.

Trusted by the UK's largest portable accommodation companies and some of the largest construction firms, Universal Tankers has a proven track record of reliable and responsible service.

FAQs About Our Leachate Collection Services

Is leachate a form of hazardous waste?

Leachate can potentially be a form of hazardous waste, depending on its composition and the source of the materials it has percolated through. The hazardous nature of leachate arises from the contaminants it extracts and absorbs, which can include heavy metals, organic pollutants, and other toxic substances. Proper testing and analysis are required to determine the specific characteristics and potential hazards of leachate. However, landfill leachate should always be collected and disposed of through a dedicated leachate treatment system that is compliant with the UK's environmental and health and safety laws.

At Universal Tankers, we keep up to date on any and all developments relating to the laws governing environmental pollution caused by leachate and wastewater. We can help you to meet your obligations by offering advice and providing a comprehensive leachate collection service.

How is leachate collected?

Leachate collection systems are typically installed at the bases of landfills, or any other sites that may produce the substance. A combination of perforated pipes, gravel packs and geotextile materials are used to create a drainage layer that captures and channels the leachate.

  1. The drainage layer collects leachate as it percolates through the waste and directs it to the collection pipes.

  2. The perforated pipes within the drainage layer collect the leachate and transport it to a central collection point. These pipes are sloped to ensure gravitational flow towards the collection area.

  3. Once collected, leachate may be pumped to a treatment facility to undergo various processes that remove contaminants and reduce its hazardous properties.

Treatment methods can include biological treatment, chemical treatment, and physical processes such as sedimentation and filtration. However, for operations in rural locations where there is no direct access to a leachate treatment plant, the leachate flow must be collected and moved there manually by wastewater professionals - such as those at Universal Tankers.

Continuous monitoring is essential to ensure the integrity of the leachate collection system and to prevent any environmental contamination. Regular maintenance includes inspecting and cleaning the pipes, pumps, and other equipment involved in the system.

Get In Touch

To get a free quote from our leachate collection experts, contact Universal Tankers today. Simply call us on 0800 180 4474 (England and Wales) or 01236 444322 (Scotland), or fill out our contact form and we will call you back.

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