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Wholesome and Bottled Water Delivery

Universal Tankers can deliver wholesome (potable) water to your site no matter where you are located in England, Scotland and Wales. Our tankers are suitable for delivery to even the most rural locations and can transport large volumes. Whether you require a consistent supply of drinking water for your workers on a construction site, or need a bulk water solution for an upcoming event, we are equipped and ready to ensure your needs are met with professionalism and precision.

We guarantee delivery within 24 hours of your request and offer a delivery schedule that can be tailored to your needs, including regular deliveries. Our operators are used to working on busy sites and can be discreet to avoid getting in the way of heavy traffic flow or your operations.

To learn more about how we can help, simply call us today on 0800 180 4474 (England and Wales) or 01236 444322 (Scotland), or fill out an online contact form to arrange a time for us to call you back to discuss your needs.


Why Choose Universal Tankers' Wholesome (Potable) Water Delivery Services?

Universal Tankers is a leading provider of water management solutions with over 25 years of dedicated service. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of dependable services and are committed to ensuring every client receives the highest quality of care and efficiency. Specialising in the delivery of drinkable water, we provide vital resources where they are most needed, from bustling construction sites to major events across the country.

At Universal Tankers, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer safe, reliable, and cost-efficient wholesome water solutions that meet the stringent environmental and health standards of today’s market, suitable for use in water fountains, water coolers and water bottles. Our extensive network, spanning 18 depots throughout England and Scotland, enables us to deliver exceptional service nationwide.

We work with a range of industries and for specific solutions, including:


  • Construction sites: we provide essential drinking water supplies to keep your workforce hydrated and operations running smoothly. Our service includes the delivery of water in various volumes, from small tanks suitable for smaller teams to large-scale deliveries for major projects. This ensures that workers have access to safe drinking water throughout their workday, supporting health and enhancing productivity.

  • Events: we supply high-quality water for drinking, cooking, and sanitation purposes, accommodating the needs of guests and staff alike. Our flexible delivery options allow us to cater to events of any size, ensuring all attendees have access to fresh and safe drinking water.

  • Emergency water supply: in situations where the regular water supply is disrupted, Universal Tankers provides an emergency potable water delivery service to mitigate any inconvenience or health risks. A rapid response is crucial for hospitals, schools, and other critical facilities so water availability is maintained during unforeseen circumstances.

  • Tailored water delivery solutions: we offer customisable water delivery schedules and volumes. Whether you need a one-off delivery or want to plan a long-term arrangement, our team will work closely with you to design a service plan that fits perfectly with your operational requirements.

By choosing Universal Tankers for your wholesome water needs, you are partnering with a provider that values precision, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence. Let us take care of your water supply so you can focus on what you do best.

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FAQs About Our Wholesome and Bottled Water Delivery Service
What is potable water?

Potable water, commonly known as wholesome or drinking water, is treated water that is safe to consume and use in daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing. It undergoes rigorous purification processes to remove contaminants and pathogens, ensuring it meets the safety standards set by health authorities. For businesses, the significance of making the distinction between potable and non-portable water cannot be overstated, as it is essential for maintaining public health and hygiene.
Our dedication to quality makes our potable water delivery service a trusted choice for a wide range of needs, including residential areas, commercial settings, and public events. With Universal Tankers, you can be confident that you are accessing a potable water supply that is safe, reliable, and ready to serve your needs at any scale.

How does Universal Tankers ensure the quality of our potable water?

We adhere strictly to UK health regulations to ensure all of the potable water we supply is pure and safe for drinking.
Our potable water is sourced from certified clean water supplies that undergo regular testing and monitoring by their suppliers. We only work with water providers that ensure their water meets all applicable health and safety standards before it is even collected for delivery by treating it to eliminate any harmful microorganisms and contaminants. This ensures that the water we deliver is not only safe to drink but also tastes fresh and clean.

To maintain ongoing compliance with health standards, we demand our suppliers take frequent quality checks and share the results with us.

From our end, we regularly clean and sanitise any and all equipment used in the storage and transportation of the potable water. This includes our tankers, hoses, and fittings, which are meticulously maintained to prevent any risk of contamination during the delivery process.

Our operatives are professionally trained in the handling and delivery of potable water. They understand the critical importance of maintaining hygiene and safety standards and are equipped with the knowledge to manage and mitigate any risks effectively.

Universal Tankers operates in full compliance with all relevant environmental and health regulations. We keep abreast of any changes in legislation to ensure that our processes and practices continuously reflect the latest safety standards.
By implementing these stringent measures, we guarantee that our potable water delivery service remains safe and of the highest quality.


Get In Touch

For more information about our wholesome water delivery or for a quote, call our team on  0800 180 4474 (England and Wales) or 01236 444322 (Scotland). We will discuss your needs and can arrange for a delivery to your location within 24 hours. Alternatively, fill out an online contact form and we will call you back at a time suitable for you.

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