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welfare servicing


Universal Tankers provides welfare unit servicing to businesses all across the UK. With our nationwide coverage, we can be on site the next day to refill and empty your welfare facilities.

Welfare units provide hot and cold water for toilet facilities and washing. This produces a large volume of wastewater that need regular removal and disposal. We service welfare units in a safe and regulated way that is mindful of busy site traffic and machinery. Beyond their functional necessity, clean and serviced facilities are less prone to failure and will leave their users happier and healthier.

Our services encompass a broad range of needs, from welfare unit servicing to waste tank emptying and the disposal of liquid waste. We offer both temporary and static welfare unit servicing, making our services ideal for industries such as construction and event management. Additionally, we offer wastewater equipment, including waste holding tanks, water bowsers, and on-demand pumps, and services can be tailored to your specific requirements.

If you need waste tank emptying or regular welfare servicing, contact a member of the Universal Tankers team today on 0800 180 4474 if you are based in England or Wales, or 01236 434422 if you are based in Scotland.


Why Choose Universal Tankers for Your Welfare Unit Servicing?


With over 25 years in the waste management sector, we at Universal Tankers understand the needs of various industries' we work within. As a family-owned business, we invest heavily in our staff and offer continuous training and development to ensure they can deliver the highest level of service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the core of our operations and guides our mission to offer not just services but solutions.

Many welfare units are positioned in isolated locations and our operators are trained to access and service these units with minimal disruption to site activities. We have purpose-built vehicles to service all of your welfare units in the same visit.

Universal Tankers is committed to the highest safety and environmental standards, and we hold prestigious accreditations such as FORS, Safe Contractor, and Construction Line in recognition of our efforts and our commitment to exceeding industry regulations.

We are the trusted partner for some of the UK’s largest portable accommodation and construction companies. Our reputation for reliability and professionalism makes us a preferred service provider, as evidenced by the lasting relationships we have built with industry leaders. Having established a widespread presence with 19 depots throughout England and Scotland, we can offer you a rapid service no matter your location.

Because we understand the urgency of welfare servicing needs, we are equipped to offer next-day service across the UK. Our fleet is specifically designed to navigate various site conditions and ensure efficient service delivery with minimal disruption, even in isolated or highly active areas.

Waste Tank Emptying Services

Waste tanks are used on a temporary basis when there is a need to provide welfare facilities but no access to water or sewage mains. They are designed to collect any waste produced from toilet units on construction sites or outdoor event spaces such as music festivals. Unlike septic tanks, waste tanks for welfare units (such as chemical toilets) do not have a soakaway or treatment facility and act as a holding tank. Therefore, they need to be emptied regularly.

With our fleet of tankers, we can take care of the emptying of any welfare units that produce waste, help you to remain compliant with your environmental and health and safety legal obligations, and keep your operations running smoothly.

At Universal Tankers, we understand that each site has unique needs based on its size and the frequency of facility usage. Our waste tank emptying services can be tailored to the unique needs of your operations; we can provide a schedule to help maximise your operational efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.

If you are facing challenges with waste management or need reliable, scheduled welfare unit and portable toilet emptying services, contact Universal Tankers today

​on 0800 180 4474.

FAQs About Welfare Unit Servicing

What is a welfare unit?

A welfare unit is a facility equipped to provide essential services such as toilets, washing amenities, and sometimes rest and changing areas for workers on sites where permanent facilities are not available. These units are commonly used at construction sites, outdoor events, and other remote or temporary work environments. They are typically portable, but static versions may also be used for permanent operations, such as regular events. They can offer flushing toilets, hot water, handwashing stations, and heating, which brings health, safety and comfort requirements that must be maintained in compliance with employment regulations.

The Universal Tankers family has a history of working with and even providing temporary units such as portable toilets, and so we have the experience and expertise required to understand their maintenance needs.

What are my business's waste tank emptying obligations?


Businesses that use waste tanks have specific obligations to manage their waste in accordance with health, safety and environmental regulations. These obligations generally include:

  1. Regular emptying to prevent overflows and contamination: spills could pose health risks and lead to legal penalties. The frequency with which you need to empty a tank depends on its size and the volume of waste produced.

  2. Compliance with local and national regulations: this includes ensuring waste is handled, transported, and disposed of by licensed professionals in accordance with legal standards.

  3. Proper maintenance: beyond emptying, waste tanks require routine checks and maintenance to make sure they function correctly and safely, without leaks or damage.

  4. Environmental protection: measures should be taken to minimise the impact of waste on the environment. This includes preventing leaks and the improper disposal of waste, and may encompass the use of more sustainable practices and technologies where possible.

Businesses should consult local environmental agencies or waste management professionals for advice on achieving full compliance with the law and maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety at their facilities. With our emptying and servicing offerings, Universal Tankers is best positioned to help you meet these obligations and carry out your operations successfully.

Get In Touch

To get a free quote from our welfare unit experts, contact Universal Tankers today. Simply call our England team on 0800 180 4474 or our Scotland team on 01236 434422, or fill out our contact form and we will call you back.

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