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welfare servicing


Welfare servicing

Alongside our waste tank emptying we can also provide welfare unit servicing across the UK and can be on site the next day to refill and empty your welfare facilities.

Welfare units provide water for flushing toilets and hot running water for washing. This produces many litres of waste water that needs regular removal and disposal. We service welfare units in a safe and regulated way, mindful of busy site traffic and machinery.

Many welfare units are positioned in isolated locations and our operators are trained to access and service these units with minimal disruption to site activities. We have purpose built vehicles to service your welfare units in the same visit.


Waste tank empty


Waste tank empty

Waste tanks are used when there is no access to a water mains or sewage main. They are designed to collect any waste produced from the toilet unit on site. Unlike a septic tank, waste tanks do not have a soakaway or treatment facility and act as a holding tank, therefore need regular emptying.


The emptying frequency will depend on the size of your site and overall usage of the units.

Waste tanks are usually situated above ground, underneath or beside the toilet block. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials but the most popular are made out of plastic or steel.


Plastic ones are becoming more popular with sites as they are the most practical, due to being lightweight, easy to empty and easy to transport.

In conjunction to our waste tank emptying service we also provide complete welfare servicing across the country. 

If you are in need of a waste tank empty or regular welfare servicing, contact a member of our team today on 0800 180 4474.

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