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Domestic Waste Disposal

Universal Tankers provides professional and compliant septic tank and waste treatment plant emptying services to our clients nationwide. The most effective way to maintain your waste disposal system, whether a single septic tank or an entire waste treatment plant, is to ensure it is emptied regularly. This helps to avoid any overspills, blockages or general drainage problems.

Septic tanks are designed to naturally biodegrade effluent over a period of time. However, they still require regular emptying to ensure they do not begin to overflow with effluent water. This also goes for larger waste treatment plants with BioDisc technology, which need regular maintenance and emptying to ensure they function properly. Our team can help you with the emptying of these tanks, regardless of size, and will handle any documentation you are required to complete in compliance with UK wastewater law.

Our expert team is here to help you with any of your septic tank needs. Call Universal Tankers for free today to get a quote and for advice on our service. Find our England team on 0800 180 4474, and our Scotland team on 01738 718066.

Why Choose Universal Tankers?

Choosing the right service provider for domestic waste collection and disposal will help you to remain compliant with your legal obligations and efficiently handle your waste removal.

With more than a quarter-century of experience, our family-owned business prides itself on its great reputation in the waste management industry. We specialise in a range of services, but the disposal of liquid waste from septic tanks and sewage treatment plants is at the core of what we do.

Whether your needs are big or small, Universal Tankers has the capability to handle them. Because we operate from 18 depots throughout England and Scotland, our services are never far away. This enables us to offer prompt and efficient waste disposal services across the UK. For our environmental and regulatory considerations, we hold prestigious accreditations such as FORS, Achilles, Safe Contractor, and Construction Line Gold, which demonstrates our commitment to operating at the industry's pinnacle of safety and efficiency.

At Universal Tankers, we tailor our services to specifically meet the demands of your home or business to ensure that our solutions perfectly align with your waste management requirements. Our team is readily available to provide advice and no-obligation quotes to help you make the best decisions for your waste management needs.

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Septic Tank Emptying Services


Your septic tank is designed to handle the daily effluent flow your house produces. Tanks vary in size and capacity, so each has slightly different maintenance requirements.

A septic tank allows the sludge of waste to separate from effluent; this effluent then runs over to a soakaway system while the sludge remains in the tank. The sludge must be emptied and disposed of, and that is where we come in.

For your tank to work correctly, the sludge needs to be removed on a regular basis. Your septic tank will require an annual empty to avoid problems such as your system backing up. We provide a friendly, professional and prompt service for septic tank emptying. Our modern fleet of tankers is operated by fully trained specialists, and delivers an efficient and reliable service for thousands of homes across the UK. We can cover all manner of situations, from a one-off empty to scheduling regular tankering visits when you need them.

We can empty your vessel on a regularly scheduled basis to keep the system running at maximum efficiency, and compliant with environmental regulations at all times.

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Septic Tank Regulations

In many rural areas throughout the UK, households use septic tanks to collect wastewater and sewage when there is no direct access to a mains sewer. Although these tanks are designed to biodegrade your waste 'naturally', there is still a requirement to empty the septic tank regularly. This should be done annually, regardless of the size of your tank. We can advise you on this to make sure you receive the most efficient service.

Under the new septic tank regulations by the Environment Agency in England, any septic tanks that do not comply need to be upgraded or replaced. Failure to do so can incur a unlimited fine.

Waste Treatment Plant Emptying Services

Regular emptying and maintenance are essential for waste treatment plants. Without proper care, these systems can become less efficient or fail, which may lead to environmental hazards and costly repairs. Scheduled emptying helps prevent such issues by removing sludge build-up and checking all components are in optimal working condition.

Waste treatment plants process and treat wastewater that is beyond the scope of standard septic tanks. These more sophisticated systems often incorporate advanced technologies such as BioDisc, which require specialised care to operate effectively.

Waste treatment plants are engineered to handle larger volumes of domestic wastewater. These systems process waste through mechanical and biological means to significantly reduce the environmental impact of effluent.

Universal Tankers offers comprehensive emptying and maintenance services tailored specifically for waste treatment plants. Our team of fully trained specialists is equipped with the latest tools and technology to provide thorough cleaning, sludge removal and system checks. Through this process, we can help to ensure your waste treatment plant remains efficient and compliant with all regulatory standards.

Our commitment to delivering professional and prompt service is reflected in our approach. Universal Tankers operates a modern fleet of tankers that can respond quickly to any service request, minimising downtime and disruption to your daily activities. We pride ourselves on our reliability and efficiency in ensuring your waste treatment plant is serviced without delay.

With over 25 years of experience in the waste management industry, Universal Tankers is a trusted name in managing complex waste systems. Whether you require a one-off emergency emptying or prefer to set up scheduled maintenance, we can accommodate your needs. Regular service plans are highly recommended to maintain the efficiency of your waste treatment plant and maintain compliance with environmental regulations.

Waste Treatment Plant Regulations

In the UK, the regulation of domestic waste management aims to protect public health and the environment. Unlike septic tanks, which primarily serve individual households, waste treatment plants often handle larger volumes of wastewater and are subject to more stringent regulatory oversight.

The Environment Agency sets out specific requirements for waste treatment plants. These standards are designed to ensure that treated water is safe to be released into watercourses and that solid wastes are handled in a manner that prevents contamination of land and water.

Regulations require that waste treatment plants undergo regular inspections and maintenance to make sure they operate efficiently and within legal parameters. These checks are vital to prevent environmental pollution and to avoid the significant fines associated with non-compliance.

Failure to comply with waste treatment plant regulations can result in hefty fines and legal action. It is crucial to stay informed about the latest regulations and to keep your plant up to standard to avoid potential penalties.

Do Not Leave It Too Late

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Daily life can be busy and sometimes hectic, so we understand that your septic tank or waste treatment plant may not always be on the top of your priority list. However, leaving it too late to empty and maintain your system could result in overspill, which comes with serious repercussions.

Get In Touch

To get a free quote from our experts, contact Universal Tankers’ domestic waste collection team today. Simply call us on 0800 180 4474 for England or 01738 718066 if you live in Scotland, or fill out our contact form and we will call you back.

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