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Sewage Treatment

Universal Tanker Group Sewage is the Sewage Treatment division of The Universal Tanker Group – we use a network of highly experienced providers who undertake projects throughout the whole of the UK combining experience and expertise in the installation and maintenance of Klargester sewage treatment systems.

Klargester Accredited

Innovative techniques and first class equipment, coupled together with the experience and know-how of its team, ensures that our sewage treatment provider remains a leader in the installation of Klargester sewage treatment systems in the UK. With over 25 years of experience in the wastewater field.

With a history spanning 30 years, Klargester is widely considered to be the market leaders and pioneers within the pollution control industry. Whether you are looking to install an appliance or a larger scale development, the range covers everything from septic tanks to cesspools.

It is both necessary and important to have your septic tank or sewerage treatment plant emptied regularly to ensure proper functioning of the unit. The frequency of emptying depends on many factors; tank usage (how many people living in property), volume of the tank and condition of the system. We advise for septic tanks to be emptied at least once a year. Our vehicles are equipped with specialist vacuum pumps with long pipes to ensure we can empty both domestic and commercial systems. We have a range of vehicles of different sizes available to allow easy access to the tightest of domestic properties.

There are many different types and variations of septic tanks and sewerage treatment systems. They come in all shapes and sizes but they all basically work in the same way. A septic tank is made up of a number of chambers, an inlet drain (where the waste enters) and a soak-away. Waste enters the tank via the inlet pipe, the solids and liquids are separated. The solids then settle to the bottom of the tank and any excess liquid drains to the soak-away. The solids then need to be emptied regularly so they don’t block or damage the soak-away.

To keep a sewerage treatment system working to its maximum efficiency we would strongly recommend a service / maintenance package. The terms and conditions depend entirely upon the type of system which has been installed. We can offer a full service/ maintenance package or simply a de-sludging (emptying) service.

With over 15 years experience in the Installation, Servicing and Emptying of Septic Tanks and Treatment Plants – Waters Sewage Treatment are ideally positioned to carry out all of your requirements.

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